Cleaning Services

Our cleaning and housekeeping services are state of the art and tailor made to suit our client’s needs. WCS teams are trained and re-trained till the time specifics are so clear that all they need during deployment is the SOP ofyour facility.

 Personal and Personnel Focus

  • We also have personnel training and familiarization programs in which we acquaint the staff with on the job / site training, whilst identifying critical areas of work which need rectification and monitoring.
  • Train a cross section of varied, unskilled personnel on how to best utilize different equipment respective to their jobs.
  • Ensure that each team member carries out their jobs as per the assigned work-schedules.
  • Ensure that the staff is well groomed, well behaved and disciplined at all times keeping the company’s SOP / LSOP in mind.

Services Offered

WCS Offers A Comprehensive Range Of Cleaning Services Tailored To Suit A Client’s Needs Including:

WCS is best known within the business community for providing bespoke, high quality cleaning services to prestigious office accommodation. Our target market is prestigious office buildings. The cleaning marketplace is very competitive, but through constant innovation and the dedicated hard work from the Operational Team, results are often achieved.

Many modern high profile buildings contain specialist floor finishes including marbles and granites and many more. Such floor finishes are prominent in reception areas, lifts and washrooms. Specialist attention is often required to supplement daily cleaning regimes. WCS offers the complete service in relation to these areas

Cockroach pest control, Rats Control, ants Control, Bugs Control, Mosquitoes, Spiders, Fleas, Ticks, moths, carpets moths etc are some of the insects with which we all our upset of. We are provide Termite control and general pest control services for plant, offices campus and Building with Guaranteed, using standard quality and Govt. Approved termicides and client’s requirement and AMC. A homeowner can often control household pests through a combination of preventive measures, including proper sanitation and over-the-counter pesticides. However, some pest infestations may be extensive or a particular pest may be difficult to control, requiring the services of a pest control agency. WCS helps you with all the pest control problems you are facing with.

This new concept of Drinking Water Tank Cleaning process involves a totally professional, scientific and hygienic approach to the complete system of Drinking Water Tank cleaning operation from start to end.

Carpeting is a major investment in your home, and regular cleanings are necessary to keep it looking new. Just as the clothes we wear need regular washing to keep them fresh and hygienic, so carpets require periodic cleaning. The carpet cleaners are specially trained to guarantee our clients the highest quality standards in the carpet cleaning industry·

Plumbing, Gardening and electrical contracts :

  • Maintenance of power panels.
  • Maintenance of light fixtures, power points etc. Detection and rectification of any abnormalities in the smooth functioning
  • Electrical fitting
  • Water management like continuous checking of water pressure, meter reading operational costs, inflow /outflow center.
  • Maintenance of W.C, Flush tanks various values etc.
  • Detection and rectification of any leakage in plumping line
  • Maintenance of lawn / garden / landscape/ roads.
  • Watering the graduation areas daily at regular intervals.
  • Planting and cutting shrubs
  • Periodical spraying of pesticides and fungicides and fertilizers
  • Renovation of old lawns


Surfaces Cleaning Objectives Cleaning Treatment
Side walls and ceiling (Hard Surface) To keep walls and ceilings dust free, remove water Dry Dusting, Wet Spotting
Glass Clean and Stain Free Wet Cleaning
Curtains Clean and Dust Free Dry Dusting
Electrical Appliances Clean and Dust Free Dry Dusting, Damp Cleaning
Furniture Clean and Dust Free Damp Cleaning, Spotting
Toilet and WC Maintain Hygiene Scrubbing and Sanitizing
Telephone and Computer Clean and Dust Free Damp Cleaning and Polishing
Carpet Clean and Dust Free Sweeping and Wet Mopping
Floor Clean and Dust Free Sweeping and Wet Mopping
Brass, Steel etc. Remove Sticky Dirt Surface and Restore Shine Damp Cleaning
Premises Area Maintain Hygiene Sweeping and Wet Mopping
Garbage Cleaning Maintain Hygiene —-
Drainage Cleaning Maintain Hygiene —-
Continous Mopping Clean/ Dust Free (Specific Area) Wet Mopping
Cleaning Frequency Machines Used Products Used
Daily Manually Clean Dusters, R-2 (HLL)
Daily/ As per requirement Manually R-2 (HLL), Dusters, Unger Kit
Daily Manually Static Duster
Weekly Manually Static Duster, R-2 (HLL)
Daily Manually R-2 (HLL), R-4 (Polish)
Daily/ As per requirement Manually R-1, R-2, R-6, R-7, Odopic
Daily Manually R-2, Mint Polish
Daily/ As per requirement Manually TR- 101
Daily/ As per requirement Manually EZE Mops, Sweeping Brush
Daily/ Weekly Manually Brasso, Silvo
Daily/ As per requirement Manually ———–
Daily/ As per requirement Manually ———–
As per requirement Manually ———–
Daily Manually ———–
As per requirement Vaccum Machine ———–
As per requirement Manually EZE Mops, Unger Kit


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