Specialising in providing services to all types of businesses, we have experience of dealing with a diverse range of customers, all with unique requirements and objectives. Supported by our Marketing department’s in-depth market reports, our Security, Housekeeping and Management teams also benefit from invaluable insight into the latest trends and activity, which aids more effective decision making. We achieve best results through our spirit of excellent service. We seek elite and high quality professionals for fulfilling our customer needs.

WCS believes that service is all about people. We therefore place a high degree of importance on relationships. We work closely in open and understanding relations and we are empathetic towards our customers and with our employees because they are the true owners of our company.


Our list of customers continues to grow with each passing year. We understand that when any MNC begins operations in India, their primary concern is of getting good services. Our main policy here is to get the SOP of our customers and; offer them the best of services tailor-made to that SOP. Amongst the major corporates that we handle, majority are leaders in their business domains and; have been generous enough to trust us with their outsourcing needs. We are proud to say that when it comes to handling corporates, we are a step ahead of our competition due to our vast exposure and; expertise in outsourcing.

Remote Site

Any organization that chooses to start operations off-site or at remote sites is suitably covered by WCS as we have the best resources in terms of manpower available across the country. Allocation of resources becomes the need of the hour when operations are turn-key and; as a special services provider we at WCS have been instrumental in engaging with and employing the best manpower across the country. Any remote site operation is easy for us to initiate as we have enough outsourced manpower to cater to this need.

Health Care

When it comes to giving impeccable services with zero error, World Class Services stands out from the rest. Having been awarded multiple times for exceptional services, WCS has now become the preferred vendor for Healthcare entities across India. We truly understand the importance of proper cleanliness, especially when it comes to handling housekeeping for Health care facilities. Our team of experts is guided by an in-house bench of experts who have been in the housekeeping business for a long time. It is always a challenge to work on the norms set for the healthcare industry and we have always managed to meet the expectations of our principals, delighting them in the process.


Our services extend to one of the most important sectors of education in India. Protecting the interests of education institutions across the country, we ensure that our guards are ever vigilant and; housekeeping up-to impeccable standards. Maintaining decorum and; preemptive disaster management are keys to any successful operation within an education institutions. We have specially trained guards who are ever vigilant and courteous on job, allowing the institution to focus on it’s core competency of imparting education.


Much like providing services for Corporates, our Government customers are also special for us and; are treated the same way. With a never-ending list of government customers, WCS stands tall today with the support of some very prestigious names of the government sector. Having won multiple awards and; appreciation from the government agencies, we have been tirelessly providing our services to the Government sector. Our approach to the government sector is different, whilst we train and; employ, retired guards, gunmen and; supervisors from the Indian Armed Forces. These employees bring with them a vast resource of knowledge and; most importantly they are ever vigilant and; dedicated individuals.

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